Talent Acquisition

Bentonville, AR

Our recruiting team conducts searches, pre-screens, interviews, and references. We arrange employer interviews and testing, and consult through the offer process. Other Human Resources services are available.

Complimentary Consultation

We listen to your needs, learn about your company, and develop a customized recruiting strategy to attract ideal candidates.

Set up

Setting up an account is easy – the recruiting agreement is just 2 easy-to-read pages. There are no forms to complete.

Urgent Need
Do you need to hire someone TODAY? We can provide you with a professional contractor or consultant within 24 hours.

Same Day Service

Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Pinnacle Executive Recruiters is focused on talent acquisition of salaried professionals for retailers and companies who provide products or services to retailers.

Where we recruit:
Centrally located in the U.S., we regularly conduct searches from coast to coast. Whether the job will be based in California, New York, or anywhere between, we have it covered.
Based in Bentonville, AR, we are well connected with professionals who have worked on the Walmart Account and/or inside of Walmart itself.

Positions we handle:
We specialize in recruiting for retailers and companies who do business with Walmart Stores, Inc. We recruit for CPG supplier and service vendor partner positions, including but not limited to: VP of Sales, Director Business Development, National Account Sales Manager, Account Manager, Category Manager, Retail Link Analyst, Team Lead, Sales Engineer, Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Brand Manager, Replenishment Manager, Product Development, Creative Director, Analysts, Merchandisers, Sales Representatives, BI Developer, Human Resources professionals, and more.